Monday, May 16, 2005

Simultaneous TV+Web use at 20%

Market research shows that simultaneous use of TV and the Web is increasingly common -- at about 20%. Forrester 2004 North Amercian user data cited in the April 2, 2005 Economist is the latest of many reports (see others at the CoTV site).

--"What else where you doing when you last used the Internet?" 20% "watched TV." That was the most common task, compared to 19% for "talked on the phone," 17% for "listened to the radio," and 2% for "read a newspaper."

--"What else where you doing when you last watched TV?" 17% "used the Internet"

This is further evidence that the market is ripe for CoTV (Coactive TV). CoTV software automatically harnesses the context of whatever a viewer is watching on TV to push related Web links and content to their PC screen. That provides a power-assist to TV-Web multitasking that directly links use of TV and the Web, to enhance both content and advertising.

(The Economist summary of the Forrester data provides no background -- any details on that data, or leads to other such data are invited.)