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Internet Platform Services -- Augmenting the Wisdom of Crowds -- Saving Democracy

Recent work on Delegation of user control (aka "middleware") for Social Media Filtering/Ranking/Recommender Services -- growing interest in a functional restructuring to reduce platform power over truth, value, and the democratic way.

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Other recent items:
General issues -- Our platforms should serve us, but have take a wrong turn. (See Supportive references below.)
Business model issues -- Specific to user-centered business models for platforms
(See more on my FairPayZone blog)
Other issues in User-Centered Media (to be added...)

(These address my perspectives as an inventor in the media space and related commentary)

Broader issues in in our intertwingled world (to be added...)

Supportive References for Augmenting the Wisdom of Crowds and The Tao of Truth
Where I am coming from: The Roots of My Ideas on Tech Policy