Monday, September 19, 2005

Search is King: Guiding Consumers to Content -- NYC 9/28

A symposium by the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC on September 28 will explore where search is going, and how it will transform the content marketplace. The panel includes four key executives from major and emerging search engines. (I have the honor of moderating.)

The next wave of consumer search technology is dramatically altering the consumer content markets and has significant implications for media companies, publishers, advertisers and consumers. Search engines’ role as the omniscient gatekeepers to digital information is changing the rules of the content game.

This expanded role is supported by the spread of search services beyond mere text searches, to video, audio, personal/desktop, and local/map search. Come and see visual demonstrations of the next wave in consumer search, and how it is vastly expanding the influence of the Internet.

Some of the issues this session will seek to shed light on include:
- What are the latest search services and technologies?
- How is consumer behavior changing?
- How are businesses benefiting from the new search technologies?
- What is happening as an increasing amount of content is digital and search engines are increasingly the omnipresent gatekeepers to all digital content?

Paid keyword ads generate big money, but there is far more to search than that!

Details of the symposium are at


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