Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Reisman in Techonomy: Business Growth is Actually Good for People. Here’s Why.

My 4th piece in Techonomy was published today:
Business Growth is Actually Good for People. Here’s Why..

We cannot—and should not—stop growing. Sensible people know the real task is to channel growth to serve human ends.
My opening and closing:
Douglas Rushkoff gave a characteristically provocative talk last week at Techonomy NYC – which provoked me to disagree strongly...
...Rushkoff delivers a powerful message on the need to re-center on human values. But his message would be more effective if it acknowledged the power of technology and growth instead of indiscriminately railing against it. We need a reawakening of human capitalism — and a Manhattan Project to get tech back on track. That will make us a better team human.


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