Thursday, December 23, 2021

Tech Policy Press Had A Great First Year -- Illuminating the Critical Issues

Democracy owes thanks to Tech Policy Press and its CEO/Editor Justin Hendrix for a great first year of important reporting, analysis, and opinion on the increasingly urgent issues of tech policy, especially social media. It is becoming the place to keep up with news and ideas. 

They just published their list of Top 50 Contributor Posts of 2021 from 330 posts from 120 guest contributors and their list of Top 10 Tech Policy Press Podcasts of 2021 from 54 episodes.

I am honored to be among the stellar contributors - and to have written two of the “Top 50” posts (plus four others) - and to have helped organize and moderate their special half-day event, Reconciling Social Media and Democracy.

Just a partial sampling of the many other contributors I have learned much from - Daphne Keller, Elinor Carmi, Nathalie Maréchal, Yael Eisenstat, Ellen Goodman, Karen Kornbluh, Renee DiResta, Chris Riley, Francis Fukuyama, Corey Doctorow, and Mike Masnick.

Great work by CEO/Editor Justin Hendrix.

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