Friday, November 13, 2020

Wisdom for "A Time to ...Restore the Soul of America"

In defeating Trump after years of ever-worsening division, Biden has his mandate to "restore the soul of America." He cited Ecclesiastes in his victory speech, seeking to set a tone for reuniting our divided society in the United States. That mandate is still contested by many, and our democracy remains in mortal peril.

I wrote in Techonomy on Biden’s Opportunity: Look to The Tao to Heal our Divided Country, adding ageless Eastern wisdom on setting the tone for reuniting around common values. I suggest this is a time for Biden -- and all of us -- to: 

  • emulate the Buddha calling on the Spirit of the Earth (the soul of the American People) for a mandate of righteousness, and 
  • to look to the universalism of the Tao (that all things are non-binary and contain their opposites).

My points complement and offer simple guidance consistent with recent expressions of many. For example:

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